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Zero Breeze

Zero Breeze Mark 2, Battery Powered Portable Air Conditioner (Plus)

Zero Breeze Mark 2, Battery Powered Portable Air Conditioner (Plus)

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Iconic handle with mobile-friendly design

Suitable weight for compact size

Small but strong compressor for delicate air duct system

24V operating voltage for high-performance battery system

Mark 2 keeps breakthrough innovation for AC portability

First-ever true portable AC unit for Vanlife/ outdoors





Revolutionary Cordless Battery Portable Air Conditioner Just press the button and enjoy the cool air anywhere.





Q: Can It be Used in Cars, Boats, etc?

A: Some of our costumers have used their Zero Breeze in camping tents, boats, trucks, RVs, Golf Cart,etc.

Q: Can I set up the desired temperature ?

A: No, It Can't set up the desired temperature. But temperature can be 30F lower than ambient within 10 mins.

Packages Includes:

√ 1x The Zero Breeze AC

√ 1x 24v Power Adapter

√ 1x Battery

√ 1x Dual-duct Heat Exhaust System

√ 1x Front Air Duct

√ 1x Drainage Tube

√ 1x Remote Control

√ 1x User's Manual


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