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Vacuum Sealer Machine Food Preservation Storage Saver Automatic With Seal Bag

Vacuum Sealer Machine Food Preservation Storage Saver Automatic With Seal Bag

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Product Description

food sealers vacuum packing machine


See Top Quality Life


What this SeaTop vacuum sealer machine can do for you?


  • Save Food


When you have some remainder, this device can help you to remain them for long time and next time you also enjoy these food.


  • Store Nut Foods


Using this vacuum sealer to keep the nut foods more fresh and crispy.


  • Keep Sea Foods 9 Times Longer


As we all know sea food is nutritious but expensive, this machine help you to store them longer.

You don't need eat too much of them every time in case of over nutrition, eat less more times would be more better.


  • Store Beef Pork Meat


Meats are necessary food for every family dinner, seal them will keep longer time in fridge and keep more fresh


  • Jar / Wine Sealing


The starter kit includes a suction hose, drying sealing in jars or storing your wine for longer time.

automatic overheating protection

Upgraded System

Automatic Overheating Protection System


  • With long sealing strip, it can seal multi packs at the same same
  • This device will start the overheating protection system when it works uninterruptedly for 5 times
  • Once rest is about 45 seconds, and then it can restart the next work


Keep Food Fresh & Save Money


  • With this vacuum sealer, freezer burn becomes a thing of past, keep foods last much longer.
  • Retain the bright, natural flavors of foods.


Smart Meal Preparation


  • With this device, you can prepare your weekdays breakfast in advance at the weekend.Simply assemble several sandwiches at once, and then seal them in individual bags and freeze them.


About Device Maintenance

  • 1. Clean the dust or water stains with tissue or towel in time after use
  • 2. Keep away from the moist place
  • 3. Put back the white cardboard to support the cover in case that seal strip will be out of shape
  • 4. Pour out visible water When sealing for moist food with much water

seal for nuts

seal for seafood

seal for vegetables

seal for wine

Dry Food / Nuts


  • This vacuum sealer machine can seal for most of the food you can imagine.
  • Most of nuts can use this device to store, such as walnut, hazelnut, pine nut,peanut,cashew,chestnut.


Seafood / Steak


  • Most seafood can be store with this machine.
  • But you'd better mark the date in the pack after you seal it to note the expiration date.


Vegetables / Fruits


  • We don't suggest you seal much vegetables with green leaves because the nutrition loss easily for green leaf vegetables.
  • Use this device to store cauliflower, tomato, potato,carrot and other hard vegetable would be a great choice.


Wine / Cans


  • Use this device to vacuum wine or other cans can last your rest food/drinks time with the vacuum hose.
  • But you need prepare extra vacuum stopper for the food.



Long Seal Strip

Easy to Unlock

dry and moist mode

hairline finish


  • Long sealing strip let you can store multi packs at the same time.



  • One button unlock design make you can start the device and seal the bags more easily.



  • Support both dry and moist food.
  • 1,2,3 for dry food mode, 4,5 for moist food mode
  • The red LED light flashes when working



  • High quality hairline finish makes the device looks more upscale and with great touches feeling.




Main Feature 1 12.6 inch (320 mm) super long sealing stripe
Main Feature 2 Overheat Protection System
Waterproof Yes
Temperature Level 5 temperature level
LED light Yes
Voltage 100-245 V
Power 135 W
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Dry Vacuum Degree -60KPA
Moist Vacuum Degree -35KPA
Sealing Width 5 mm
External Vacuum Function Yes
Machine Size 15“ x 3" x 2"
Machine Net Weight 1.5 LB
Product Size 16" x 3.8" x3.5"


Vacuum Sealer Machine 1 x
Vacuum Sealer Bags 15 pieces ( bag size 8"x 10")
User Manual 1 x ( Include English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French and Italian)
Working Plug 1 x ( US Standard )
External Hose 1 x
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