Job Opening #1 - Operations Research Analyst (Posted Date: Nov, 2022)

We have opening for FULL-TIME Operations Research Analyst in our Lorton, Virginia office.

Duties includes:

  1. 1. Design machine learning models with Python and R to extract useful information from customer data to assist company leaders to make better trading and advertisement decisions, using state-of-art machine learning models such as Random Forest.
  2. 2. Manage company’s SQL database system and company Website to perform daily maintenance and support company operations.
  3. 3. Ingest data into SQL database, query and process big data to create dashboard report for company leaders, with visualization tools including PowerBI and Tableau Contribute for business report and workflow documentation.
  4. 4. Collect and Analyze customers data and information.

Special Requirements:

Position requires Master’s degree in Data Analytics Engineering, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, or a related field. Requires good communication skills and attention to details.


Please mail resume to Sailing International Trading LLC, 7402 Lockport Pl, Suite F, Lorton, Virginia, 22079


Date Posted: 11/15/2022

Date Removed: 12/15/2022